Monday, October 19, 2009

Beach and gardens in CA

Cousins in the gardens and at the beach. Emma, Tyler, and James worked on Buggy boarding. Mason loved digging in the sand. We all come home a little sunburned!!!


Thanks CA cousins for playing with us and visiting with us.;-)

Summer Pictures

Fishing with dad. We didn't get skunked. The young men the night before got nothing. Ha Ha!! Kids rule the fishing world here.

T-Ball Season. Emma and Mason wanted to play too.

St. Louis Zoo with the TN cousins. Great except for the airport on the way home.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


During the crazy swimming lesson we also had company come to visit. Aunt Becky, Ava, and Kavae came to see us for a few weeks. Life was crazy and we did not get to spend as much time as we would have liked but it was good to see them and play. The kids loved filling up our little pool and playing outside even though we did not have great grass yet. Mel and his boys came to visit also. We cleaned out the basement at the apartments. I can't believe what some girls store!!! Some had just left things for two years so we found some funny things and even a passport. I would be mad as a mom if my kid just left stuff every where. We also took the cousins to a Minor League Chuckers baseball game. The kids loved it and loved running the bases with the cousins!!;-) Dillon and Williams worked hard and helped Papa get lots of odd projects done and caught a few fish in the middle of it.

We finally got to mow grass about this time. I got to mow it the very first time. Strange how you never think that you will be exceited to do that yet it was great. We missed having grass for most of the summer. Sticky clay like mud is just not the same. James felt left out because I got to mow before he did. We are still using our non self propeled push mower we bought when we were in Driggs. Good exercise and only takes a little over an hour. Some day we may have to upgrade to self propeled.

We also started getting ready for back to school. I promised the kids new backpacks this year. I had yet to buy them new ones because we had handme down and DI ones. They were so excieted. Tyler drove me crazy until I finally had to go get them sale or no sale. I forgot I can't tell him things before hand. We chose Jansport because James and I have had good luck and so has James older nieces and nephews. Tyler and Emma were told these have to last so take care and choose wisely. Tyler choose plain black and Emma choose blue with flowers. They better be careful or they will have to buy their own. Thank heavens they have life time warranties. I never knew backpacks could cost so much. We also slowly got their supplies so that we didn't have to fight the crowds. Oh by the way Walmart here decided to remodel....Holy cow what a mess. Not to mention that Hitt road to Walmart was all torn up too..... Can't wait till it is all done.

Just before school was to start we took the kids on one more vacation to Utah. We relaxed and went to Hogo Zoo. It was fun but way to hot. There was a new baby giraffe, and a few other new animals that were fun to see. We stayed at the condo's and swam. Tyler and Emma both tried the water slide and loved it. Emma just swam wherever, and Tyler was almost as free as long as an adult was close just in case. Mason thought he was free too until he went under and then decided that mom was right and stayed where he could reach. We also played a little tennis and shopped for a few more school clothes.

Just before school started we decided (ok James decided) to get some kittens. We have had to catch a few mice. So the kids have enjoyed them. Tyler is allergic and touch his eyes a few time and had puffy eyes for a few days. He has learned not to touch his eyes and to wash right after he holds them. We have patches and strips number 2. Strips one decided to catch a ride to work with James. He jumped off and got hit before James could get to him. James is still sick about it. The kids cried and were sad. Emma said well I guess Nana can pet him for us. So thankful for the knowledge that we can be together again. So we had to find Patches a new friend and thus Stripes number 2 or stripy as Mason says got to come live with us. They better catch the mice. I thought traps were working good!!!

School started the 24th of August. Emma is in Second grade with Mrs. Clayson as a teacher. There is only like 15 kids in her class. Tyler is in First grade with Mrs. Lopuch as a teacher. He also has only like 15 kids in his class. They are lucky to have little classes. They both ride the bus to and from school. Yeah I did not have to drive this year. Mason was a little lost without them but has had fun with mom and watching the bus.

School is going well. They are making new friends and enjoying the routine. Tyler was even excited about having homework. Emma was not as much but is still pretty good at just getting it done. They are both making progress with their reading and really starting to enjoy it.


Ok so I am once again behind on this blog thing. Plus I have not found help with the posting pictures thing yet, and now everyone is sick so that is on hold again.

After our wild summer vacations we settled into swimming lessons. We did four weeks total five days a week. Emma got to move up to the level that takes for an hour and is in the ten foot deep water. She was the youngest in her class. She was so happy and did really well. She is going to do that level again to work on endurance. I was tired just watching them do laps of all the strokes. Tyler went up a level and worked really hard on side breathing. He made great progress and will continue to work on that level again for endurance and self confidence with the side breathing. Mason sat with me the first two weeks. He wanted to swim so bad!!! So the second two weeks I gave in and signed him up for a mommy and me shrimp class. At first I thought oh man I have wasted my money when all they did was let the kids play. But by the end of two weeks he was going under the water, blowing bubbles, and putting his ears in the water. All things he wouldn't do before. They all had the chance to jump off the diving board at the end of lessons. Mason said he was even going to do it. He DID!!! as he would say he did it with a life jacket on. Next year he can go to a class by himself and mom get's to stay dry:-)
I wish we had fun teachers for swimming lessons. Ammon pool does a wonderful job. Signing up is a pain but worth it.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Vacation

Ok so it is June and we have allready gone on one summer vacation. We ventured to Huntingdon, TN to see James brother Clint and his family. Our trip there was ok. Long time on a plane with a two year old. Thank goodness for the cheerleader who gave him a treat. She saved me because my treats were not good enough.

After getting to Clints we drove about 4 1/2 hours to St. Louis. We enjoyed the zoo, and science museum. We also ate at Lamberts a well known resturant where they throw you homemade rolls from across the room. Also FYI they only take Cash and checks. No credit or debit cards which we thought was odd since all the plates in the parking lot were out of state. Would you take a check from ID???? I didn't dare ask. All I can say is that the Mormons should have made the roads when they were there. I think we made four clover leaves to get to our hotel. Crazy road system. Our GPS couldn't keep up. Thank goodness Clint and Kelly had been there before. After St. Louis we went back to TN and just chilled. They kids played baseball and played in the sprinklers. Mason got to know Bigin the dog and is still talking about hitting the ball and Bigin bringing it back to him. He also remembers Clint telling him to tell Bigin to sit when he was trying to give Mason "Bite Me". Oh and don't sit in the rocking chair on the front porch because that is Bigins. Mason says. We didn't see Kail and Tyler much they were the best of buddies. Emma and Erika experimented with clothing and makeup. Mason and Jackson loved cars and trackers together. James played a board game for two days with Clint and Kelly. I read a hole entire book with no kids under feet. That is a vacation.

So thanks to the TN Family for putting up with us. It was great that Clint was off while we were there. That doesn't always happen when we get together here or there with James and Clints PA-C schedules.

So our trip home was a mess. Lets just say that nine hours sitting in an airport with three kids is a long long long long day. Our flight was cancelled, then the next one was cancelled then the next one. Aparently TX was a mess with storms. So after nine hours we went to a hotel that had a shuttle and a pool. We let the kids swim and then we went to find dinner and diapers (I was worried we would run out if we got stuck the next day!!!) Then we bought the kids a treat and the fun started. Mason loves M&M'S and is so afraid that someone will get the last one so he forgets to chew. Well that night he forgot and got one stuck. Yes you moms know what happend next. He threw up all over me and my bed. Red punch was not the best idea that night. And of cource this was right after we had washed the swim suits etc.... So laundry again. Then next day at 3:30 we flew out to Chicago, did not want to go to TX with angry travlers!!!) Got delayed in Chicago..Got to SLC UT at around 11:30. Had to drive home because James had allready missed work and no DR to cover him coming late... Got home at around 3 am and James went to work at 8:00am. Man I have never had jet lag so bad. We all had naps for the next few days and even slep threw Sacrament meeting...we made it to primary. So all I can say is we love the TN Blaines but we are not sure TN loves us. I always get thrown up on or have sick kids or flight trouble. So it may be a little while before TN sees us again. Maybe we will drive???? 18 plus hours doesn't sound to fun either.

Thanks to all our family for putting up with us crazy Idaho Blaines. Love you all.


Ok so I am far behind again and have yet to learn the whole picture thing. Maybe life will slow down a little, yet I am not holding my breath.

In March we went to California to visit James sister Becky and brother Mel and their families.
It was warm and sunny unlike Idaho had been. We went to the beach one day. James and the kids tried boogie boarding and Mason loved the sand and trackers/trucks that went with it. We all came home a little sunburned. We also did a day at Disney land. Holy cow you could spend days there. We only did one day and will probably go back when the kids are a little older and meet the height requirment for more rides. Emma loved the fast rides, Tyler was not so sure on some of them. I think the favorite one for all the kids was Toy Story with the guns to hit the Z's, and driving the cars. Mason did well and even slept two hours in this stroller. Came back sunburned from that day too.

Thanks to our families for putting up with our crazy trip. We loved seeing them and just chilling. Thank goodness we did not have to spend to much time in traffic. Love the warm spring hate the traffic. I think I would hate the hot summers?!